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Faith faqs
food for thought

Investigating the Christian faith?

Full of questions about life or God?

On this page are a number of specially selected talks that may help scratch your deepest itch and meet your deepest need. Dive in!

Thinking of Ideas

faith faqs

What's your question?


People have many questions about God and the Christian faith. Some of these are serious obstacles to believing in God, Jesus Christ or the Bible. Do we have to hang up our brains if we’re to follow Jesus? Our Faith FAQs series aims to address some of these questions, through reasoned and thought-provoking talks.

Preparing Dough

food for thought

Does your faith work for you?


For many people, this question matters most. Significant related questions include:

Does your faith make you feel good?

Does it actually do you any good?


This series of talks reveals how other faiths, or no faith, are in reality inadequate and unsatisfactory. The talks go on to show how faith in Jesus is really the faith that works best, and does us most good.


The speaker, Nick Fuller, is an experienced pastor, with theological seminary training and extensive experience of discussing faith issues with those who want to investigate the Christian faith - and also with those who are vehemently opposed to it!


Nick is also an ex-research scientist, with a PhD in microbiology.

Join us!

Details of up-coming talks are on our Events page.

Each talk is followed with an opportunity for questions and discussion, followed by lunch.

All events are free.

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