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cornwall creation group

Our pastor, Dr Nick Fuller, belongs to a local group of well-qualified scientists, theologians and pastors who have a particular concern to uphold the Bible's teaching on our origins. They understand young earth creation over 6 days to be the best description of origins. They put on a couple of events a year, addressing both scientific and biblical issues, and are available to speak at local churches or groups.

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Topics covered include:

environmental care
early chapters of Genesis
life ethics
intelligent design
creation vs evolution
age of the earth

Two talks by Dr Fuller at a conference in February 2019 are available to watch free below

What does the science really say?
What does the Bible really say?

See also related talks by Dr Fuller on our Food for Thought page:

'Doesn't science contradict Christianity?'

'Does evolution kill Christianity?'

For further information, or to request a talk in your locality, contact Dr Dubby Rodda.

Note: talks are free, but a contribution towards travelling expenses would be appreciated.

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